Civil&Structural Engineering Department of J&G

The Civil & Structural Engineering Departments is made by three Civil Engineers, experts in Structural design who, in addition to professional experience have also an Academic Teaching Experience at both BSc, MSc as well as PhD levels. 

All of them are holding a PhD Diploma, and are registered at ETEK, the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber, which is the statutory Technical Advisor to the State and is the umbrella organisation for all Cypriot Engineers, issuing the permissions to perform professional activities in Cyprus.

The main activities include: Structural Design, Consulting, Site Supervision, Structural Analyses / Stress Analyses, Seismic Assessment of Buildings, Validation of Projects/Due Diligence

The staff Experience include: R.C. Structures Design, Steel Structures Design, Composite Steel-Concrete, Structural Design, Strengthening of Existing Buildings and Monuments, Seismic Analyses and Retrofitting of Existing Buildings, Structural Analyses under Fire Loading, Inspections of Bridges, Post Earthquake Building Survey and Damage Assessment

Structural Types include: Residential Buildings, Office Buildings, Public/Commercial Buildings, Industrial Buildings, Sport Centres, Transmission Towers and Masts, Racking Systems / ASR Warehouses